FYI . . . It's YFYI

FYI . . . It's YFYI

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FAFSA & CalGrant

Hello High School and College Students,

             FAFSA is due soon, 03/02/13. Don't pass up free money to help you in your college expenses. Apply for FAFSA today at Keep in mind that completing your FAFSA ontime will lead to great opportunities including the CalGrant opportunity that comes with your FAFSA... "More free money..."

             Also keep in mind that you will need your social security code as well as your parents annual income (How much your parents make in a year). If parents are divorced make sure you include the date. Also make sure you include your parent/guardian's first name/last name that lies on their Social Security. Final, you will need your mother's 2012 Tax Return.

             -"The ones who push themselves are the ones who finish sooner."


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